Artie Lange is making a comeback the old fashion way, by packing comedy clubs across New Jersey. On Saturday, November 24th, he'll be coming to the Cherry Hill Crowne Plaza for one very special and funny show. Get tickets here!

Lange, who opened up to me about his 8 years on the Howard Stern Show, among several other things, and stars on the HBO series "Crashing" will be appearing with the "Reverend" Bob Levy (who's also appeared on Stern several times), Eric Potts, and myself.

If you've never seen Artie Lange live, you need to. He's "honestly" funny, and by that I mean his humor comes straight from the heart, and what's beating inside his chest is hysterical. It's also that heart that has connected with so many of his fans who genuinely care and worry about him. When you come to the show, you'll see what we mean.

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