You've heard of the "Full Monty." Here's the "Full Artie." Comedian Artie Lange came in studio last Thursday night with Reverend Bob Levy. The conversation was so deep, we didn't take any calls for the first hour. It was one of the funniest, most intense and deepest conversations I've ever had in radio. We talked about what went on in the Howard Stern studio, his funniest moment in radio featuring Kathy Griffin, what it was like growing up in Union and how he feels about not being in the Union High School Hall of Fame. (The first hour video is above, the second hour video is below).

We also talked about how Artie feels about Jimmy Kimmel- "He's one of my best friends," and why he feels his friend is now so left. Of course, we touch on his addiction problems and how he feels about the love that we all feel for him.

He was engaging, funny, honest and endearing. I had opened for him twice before at the Broadway Theatre in Pittman and the Welmont Theatre in Montclair, but never met him until last Thursday. When you hear the audio, you'd think we were old friends. We are now, and I hope you join me in pulling for our friend through his current hard times. I can honestly say I've never heard of a more beloved comedian in New Jersey, or anywhere, and after spending this time with him, it's easy to see why. So relax and enjoy!

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