⛽ NJ man charged with 3 armed robberies

⛽ Suspect arrested in Virginia

⛽ One victim fought off robber with just a squeegee

CLIFTON — A man charged with trying to pull off three armed robberies in New Jersey in a single day has been arrested in Virginia, according to authorities.

Husem Nasri, 24, of Elmwood Park was arrested in Alexandria, Va. on Tuesday, according to Bergen County Prosecutor Mark Musella.

Nasri is accused of attempting to rob gas stations in Hasbrouck Heights and Clifton before successfully robbing a grocery store in Paterson in early February.

After a months-long investigation, Nasri was charged with four counts of first-degree armed robbery, three counts of second-degree unlawful weapon possession, three counts of second-degree weapon possession for unlawful purpose, one county of third-degree aggravated assault, two counts of third-degree terroristic threats, and three counts of fourth-degree aggravated assault.

(NBC 4 New York)
(NBC 4 New York)

Gas station attendant fends off robber with squeegee

According to prosecutors, Nasri's crime spree began on Feb. 2 when he stole a black Dodge Challenger. Authorities said the vehicle was spotted at the scene of all three robberies.

Three days later on Feb. 5, police in Hasbrouck Heights were called to a Valero gas station on Route 17 near the Route 46 interchange.

Investigators found that a man with a gun tried to rob the gas station attendant. The suspect struck the worker with the weapon before fleeing.

While investigating the robbery, authorities found there had been another armed robbery at a Delta gas station in Clifton on the corner of Broad Street and Van Houten Avenue.

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(NBC 4 New York)
(NBC 4 New York)

Video from the robbery showed the suspect pointing a gun at a gas station attendant. However, the worker did not give in and grabbed a squeegee to defend himself.

The attendant escaped into the gas station and closed the door. The suspect, identified as Nasri, fled again, according to prosecutors.

Another armed robbery was reported in Paterson later that day.

The suspect went into a small grocery store on North 3rd Street and pointed a gun at store employees, prosecutors said. He threatened to kill them before getting around $400 from the shop.

Nasri was identified as the robber in all three incidents. He's being held at a detention center in Virginia as he awaits extradition to New Jersey.

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