Before moving to Raritan Township (or should I say Flemington since that's my mailing address?) I never lived near woods. It's been quite an experience. There rarely is a day that goes by that a family of deer is not hanging out on my lawn. I believe the record was 17 as counted by my kids. We have our share of groundhogs, rabbits, and I swear it looked like a beaver that had walked in through the fence and was three feet away from taking a swim in our pool. My daughter says she saw a fox once. Plus there was the time my wife was weeding and a 2 and a half foot snake slithered right past her foot.

So any animal at this point is no surprise. Monday morning I had to get something from my car about 7 am when I saw these guys traipsing across the back yard near the tree line. These are wild turkeys, right? The reason I ask is I also saw a turkey vulture on a neighbor's roof one night. This particular morning I wasn't quite close enough to tell for sure one way or the other. My money's on plain old wild turkeys, which of course have caused a lot of havoc in New Jersey with chasing postal workers and pinning people down inside their vehicles. They can be nasty for sure.

The ultimate will be if I see a black bear come out of those woods. There were just sightings in Westfield and Cranford in Union County. So this being Hunterdon County, it's a distinct possibility.

Back to the birds. Let me know what these are. Take our poll.


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