Well here's some lousy news so soon after Labor Day. The state Division of Consumer Affairs is suggesting higher licensing fees for certain professions. This would impact over 10,000 businesses and over 30,000 people. Fees would go up 50% for electricians, accountants, locksmiths, and 40% for morticians. You can read all about it here in Michael Symons' article.

Really New Jersey? This is business friendly? New Jersey is one of the worst states for over regulating occupations with licensing and certification requirements. In other words a ridiculous number of jobs require you pay something to your government just to work. They want their cut. Want to be shocked by how bad it is? Take a look at this link to a Department of Labor rundown of all the jobs that require you pay New Jersey something.

Does a hairstylist really need to be regulated? Should an interior designer really have to pay for a license to do their job? A librarian? A manicurist? A manicurist in New Jersey clearly does not need to know fluent English but they do need a license. Is the government oversight of all these occupations truly keeping us all safer and better off? Sometimes, yes. But for the most part, it's just another form of taxation by a different name.

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