UNION TOWNSHIP (Union) — After a chunk of ice hit the windshield of a car on the Garden State Parkway Thursday morning, State Police are stressing the importance of cleaning snow completely off vehicles.

Spokesman Alejandro Goez said the VW Passat was hit by a chunk of ice on the northbound side past Exit 141 for Vaux Hall Road around 10:20 a.m. The woman driving the Passat suffered minor injuries but was not hospitalized.

The woman, whose identity was not disclosed, was alone in the car. The Passat was towed off the road. She told NBC 4 New York the ice came off a box truck traveling on the southbound side.

This was the second reported incident of ice hitting a New Jersey driver's car after this past snowstorm.

Greg Hecht told the Patch of Bridgewater said his Mini Cooper was struck by a large chunk of ice came off the top of an 18-wheeler's trailer on the Pennsylvania Turnpike on Wednesday morning near King of Prussia.

Goez said an investigation continues into the source of the ice but said the incident highlights the importance of cleaning off a car completely.

"Once you get on the highway and the car warms up, the snow and ice breaks up and starts flying. You're going 55, 60 miles per hour, it can cause damage to another car," Goez said.

It's also the law in New Jersey to completely clean your vehicle off of all snow and ice after a storm before hitting the road.

According to the Division of Highway Traffic Safety webpage, fines range from $25 to $75 for each offense, but the price tag can jump up to $1,000 if flying ice or snow causes injury to others or property damage.

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