While there are politicians like Cory Booker who believe government should just be giving money to the poor, there are some people in New Jersey who would like to work for it, especially when they are homeless. Camden County, with the help of Volunteers of America, is doing just that.

Their "Work Now Program" gives those dealing with homelessness a chance to earn a days pay for a days work. Plus they also throw in social services. Caroline Schlerrer, co founder of "People For The Poor," loves the idea. "We do a TON of things for the Volunteers of America (VOA)," Schlerrer says.  "We support four of their homeless shelters." It was Caroline who told me about how important socks are to the homeless. "I hope to receive 400 pairs of the Bombas socks (the company that for every pair of socks they sell, they give a pair to the homeless) and the majority of those socks will be going directly to the VOA," she said. "They are good people in so many ways."

A check of the Bombas website shows how serious they are about providing socks to the homeless, by donating a pair of socks to the homeless for every pair bought.

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