Desperate for more power and control, some Democrats in Trenton are proposing that we allow prisoners the vote.

They already control the assembly, the senate and the Governor's office. Maybe they want every seat in the state house. Of course if wouldn't be Democrat politics in the modern era without playing racial politics.

Enter a group called the New Jersey Black Legislative Caucus, five city mayors and an alliance of social justice groups to push for the measure. Knowing how our new Governor caves in and panders to any pressure group or minority coalition, don't be surprised if it gets some traction.

Prisoners haven't been able to vote here since 1844 for obvious reasons, but it's a new world now that Uncle Phil is in office. He will stop at nothing to ensure he makes all the right pressure groups are happy in his stop here in New Jersey on his way to a future presidential campaign.

Now if you're against this, of course you're a racist. Proportionally more minorities are incarcerated that Caucasians, so this is about social justice and fair representation. Nonsense! This is about power, control and money. Your taxpayer money. The more power in the hands of their party in Trenton, the more of your money they can tax and spend, and the more power and control they can have over our lives.

That's why New Jersey consistently ranks #1 in people moving out of their state. For the rest of us who've foolishly decided to hang on, for reasons of family, job or pure masochism, hang on, it's gonna get even more painful as the Murphy Administration "progresses."

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