Allegations of spanking a student have dogged Hillside High School Principal Lee McCaskill to eventually resign his 149 thousand dollar a year job.

There is one report
alleging that more than one student may have been involved; a report which he vehemently denies.

And what adds more drama to the tale is that the same report indicates that the mother of student who was allegedly spanked had no problem with it!

According to this, the mother said,
"As for the person in question, I feel in my heart he did nothing wrong," the victim's mother said.

The woman who identified herself as the victim's mother stood up and defended the principal.

"If the parent, which is me, is not making a big deal out of it, why is everybody else?" she said.

All for naught, as since he's been on administrative leave, Principal McCaskill decided to resign.

According to this:
The principal of Hillside High School, who was suspended by the school district in April after being accused of having struck a student, resigned last month, the school board's president said today.

Lee McCaskill, a fourth-year principal at the school, was put on paid administrative leave by Superintendent Frank Deo on April 23 after district officials looked into allegations that he had spanked a female student a day earlier.

The school board met shortly afterward to specifically discuss the incident, and least one more time after that.

“He is no longer in the schools and the situation has been resolved,” the board president, George Cook, said today.

Cook said the board had started removal action against McCaskill, 56, although not yet publicly for legal reasons.

"The board was prepared to certify those charges at the June 20th meeting," Cook said in a later statement, but McCaskill resigned shortly before the meeting.

Cook said the resignation amounted to a “clean break” between the district and McCaskill, who earned $149,376 as principal.

“He resigned, there were no deals,” he said.

The only deal I could imagine is that he saves his pension by resigning.

But, even though we live in a different world today where teachers are to never raise a hand to students, would you still approve of corporal punishment in school?

Do you believe in corporal punishment in school?