Well, we are halfway through a bit of a crazy 2021-22 UEFA Champions League group stage, and are we any closer to knowing which team is the favorite to win the competition?

Usually by now, some of the groups are starting to shake out, as all of the 32 teams have now played every other team in their respective groups. 

Many of those groups’ tables will become even more clear during the first week of November, as Match Day 4 sees the same teams face off as in Match Day 3, just at the reverse venues. Then there is an international break, before Match Day 5 and 6 take place in late November and early December. I will be lucky enough to be over at a few of those games, so stay tuned to my social media (@TheProdigalSean on Twitter) for some great information.

But that is one month away: which teams have seen their odds shorten in the 2021-22 UEFA Champions League futures odds, and might be tough to play in the knockout stages in February?

Let’s take a look.

Teams with odds shortening closer to even money

(AKA which teams have been the most impressive to move the odds via sportsbook apps?)

Liverpool: with three wins from three in Group B action, the Reds now have a chance to qualify as group winners if they win at home on November 3 against Atlético Madrid, and AC Milan beats Porto. Liverpool’s odds are now +650, and that might be worth a play on the 2019 winners.

Ajax: no team has rocketed up the futures odds as much as the Dutch side, whio have outscored three opponents 11-1, including a 4-0 demolition of pre-group favorites Borussia Dortmund. Ajax WILL win the group with a win in Germany on November 3, and have odds of +2500 to win the tournament. Remember, this team was mere minutes from making the 2019 final, and might be worth a play at those odds. I don’t know if they can get late into the knockout stages, but a first place finish in Group C will certainly help them. 

Bayern Munich: oh, you were sleeping on the 2020 winners were you? Bayern is going to cruise out of this group, and can lock it up with a win on November 2 in Germany against Benfica. This is the same team they just beat 4-0 after sleepwalking through the first hour. Bayern is +400, and the second favorite behind Manchester City. 

Juventus: Oh, you thought they were done after Ronaldo left? Well three wins from three, including over Chelsea (the defending champions) has Juventus flying. The Italian side is up to +2500 now, and those odds could drop even more with two more wins.

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