I’m not really sure how this happened but the ACLU somehow got my home address on their mailing list and I’m constantly getting crap from them. I think somebody put me on the list as a joke because there are very few government agencies that I have less respect for. But now they have taken to task the real ID act.

Basically, the real ID is kind of like a drivers license but with more teeth. It actually proves that you are a law abiding, legitimate member of American society. It’s a national identification card the type of which most European countries have had for many years. The reason that this new ID system will be instituted is to keep us safer—to make sure that the Federal government knows that you are one of the good guys. I’m all for government having as little to do with my life as possible, but one of the few things the Federal government ACTUALLY EXISTS FOR is to protect American citizens from those who would do us harm.

The real ID is an integral part of Homeland Security. To that end, you will need this identification to fly, or even to enter federal buildings. So the ACLU’s problem with this is that “marginalized” people may find it difficult to procure this real ID. Amol Sinha the executive director of the ACLU of New Jersey explains, “significant numbers of people especially marginalized folks, including folks who are homeless, or transgender or immigrants or people who were formally (sic) incarcerated, they not may not be able to get that real ID.”

He also argues that instead of requiring six points of identification which you currently need to get a New Jersey drivers license, your identity could be verified by “utility bills, cell phone bills etc." Are you kidding me? In this day and age we’re looking for more security, not less. No American should object to this change if “marginalized folks” can’t get their hands on six points of ID, then they can’t travel by air, drive or enter federal buildings. That’s life.

Additionally, Sinhas examples of potential problems for those marginalized people make no sense. For instance, why would transgenders have a hard time getting six points of identification? In 2018, nearly everybody has been shamed into accepting that you are whatever gender you identify as. And why would homeless people want to get on an airplane or enter a federal building? Yes, the system the way it stands is great for our safety and security as Americans. But the real ID system is even better. My apologies to the homeless guy who can’t take that trip to Cancun he’s been dreaming of.

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