New Jersey's largest power companies say they're not anticipating brownouts, even as New Jersey faces several more days of temperatures nearing 100 degrees.

And while power outages aren't always predictable or avoidable, "there is an abundant supply of energy," Scott Surgeoner, a spokesperson for JCP&L, said.

"We do have the facilities in place — our wires and transformers and other equipment to deliver that electricity to customers," Surgeoner said. "However, with the high heat and high humidity, that does put a strain on some of the components of the system, and with people using more electricity than typical it is not out of the question that a fuse will pop here and there or a transformer fails."

He said the utility has made sure it has additional crews in place to service outages that might arise around the clock, "so that when we do experience an outage we can get to that outage relatively quickly and restore the customers as quick as we can."

Lauren Ugorji, a spokesperson for PSE&G, said her company started preparing for rising summer temperatures months ago. She said the company projected its maximum usage to be around 9,900 megawatts at a given time. On Sunday, it  reached 8,746 megawatts, which Ugorji said gave the company some "wiggle room" as it responded to "sporadic" outages across the state.

"We're carefully monitoring the system and tracking the weather," she said. "When we have outages we can fix them quickly."

Customers who experience outages should still report it to their respective utilities, even if they think their neighbors have reported the outagea already. Surgeoner said JCP&L's outage reporting management system is better able to identify the source of an outage when there are more reports made in a given area. Ugorji added that even though people live near each other they may be on separate circuits.

Report an outage

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