How did you celebrate the start of the brand-new year?

First of all, like you, I can't believe that it's 2023 already. Seems 2022 was the fastest year yet.

My wife Jodi and I decided to ring in the new year with our friends at

Copline New year's eve event at the Jersey Shore
Copline New year's eve event at the Jersey Shore

As I say often, the job of a law enforcement officer is one of the most challenging career choices. Whether you live in the safest of towns or amidst the violence of some of our cities, the job is a tough one. Never knowing what they are going to see on any given shift.

Copline offers a confidential opportunity for cops to talk through what they are experiencing with someone who understands the job.

The theme of the midnight run, 2023 marking the 8th annual event, is to celebrate the New Year sober. The cops on duty protect and serve over the holiday, and as the clock strikes midnight, they are sober.

Copline New year's eve event at the Jersey Shore
Copline New year's eve event at the Jersey Shore

Next year I'm going to invite friends from the various groups we are working with to help sponsor a sober night to send a message about law enforcement and to stand up for those battling addiction.

Hoping that the 9th annual event will be the biggest one yet. Will you join me?

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