Prom season is on in New Jersey. The last two prom seasons here and in much of the country were challenging or non-existent. This year, the masks are off along with the high heels on the dance floor and it's happening right now in many towns.

My niece is graduating from Cherokee High School this year and will be heading off to college in Massachusetts in the fall as a top-performing student athlete. This past weekend their prom was held at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia as it has been for many years.

What's interesting about proms in New Jersey is where the kids go afterward.

Many kids head straight to the shore for an after-party that is the real attraction. You have to wonder where kids in other states go after their prom.

Here's some of what they do around the country.

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It's become tradition to go somewhere after the prom and stay overnight. That seems to have developed over the last few decades. We asked our listeners last week where they went after their prom and found an interesting evolution.

People who went to their prom in the '70s went to the shore the next day if they went at all.

It seems sometime during the '80s kids were staying overnight at the shore. It started with hotel rooms at less than luxury motels in Seaside or Wildwood. Then by the new millennium, baby boomers had indulged their kids to the point that they were renting whole houses for six or seven couples for the whole weekend.

Some of these soirees turned into a liability nightmare for the parents that signed the weekend lease agreement.

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We drove our parents' cars and went home or to someone's house or a diner after the prom. It's evolved into limos, professional makeup and photography and honeymoon style weekends at the shore.

Times changes and traditions evolve. That's just the way things are in life. Do you think this style and color of tux will ever come back?

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