Guys it’s time to retire the long stem roses and pull the pickles out of the dusty jars in the back of the closet. Because apparently that’s what New Jersey women REALLY want for Valentine’s Day. According to Jackson at our sister station Fun107 in New Bedford, it’s a new idea that seems so appropriate for Jersey Girls (and guys): a pickle bouquet from Grillos pickles.

I’ve seen bouquets of chocolates, bouquets of berries, pretty fruit, even bouquets made up of duct tape roses, dollar bills, condoms and rolled panties, but this is the first time I’ve ever seen a pickle bouquet. And I’m not sure why, but I feel like it is even more appropriate to give this to a New Jersey woman than a woman from anywhere else in the country. Now hear me out: a New Jersey woman is different she can be beautiful and feminine but also tough and ballsy, so she’s going to get it. And appreciate it.

I am wondering what the effect will be on your significant other this Valentine’s Day if you send it to her. For a nominal cost of $25 at Grillo's Pickles, you’ll receive all the pickle bouquet fixings and have to put it together by yourself. I have to tell you that as a pickle lover, (and you either are or you aren’t!!), I would be absolutely thrilled to receive this bouquet ... but I’m not guaranteeing you that all Jersey women will feel the same. So just to be on the safe side, have a spare dozen roses or a hunky diamond behind your back just in case.

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