The last time Ash Wednesday fell on Valentine's Day was in 2018 and it will happen again in 2029.

For most Catholics and many protestants, Ash Wednesday will be observed by fasting and receiving Ashes.

Ash Wednesday

Just a reminder to my faithful friends, it's not a Holy Day of obligation so it's really up to you. That said, the obligation comes in the form of fasting and abstinence.

Fridays in Lent are considered days of abstinence where you do not eat meat.

There are two days of fasting AND abstinence which means no meat and only one normal meal with two light meals for the day. No snaking of course.

As far as I can see, none of the Bishops across the six dioceses in New Jersey have given dispensation to skip fasting and abstinence because it's Valentine's Day. They often do it for St. Patrick's Day when it falls on a Friday in Lent.

Brian Kersey, Getty Images
Brian Kersey, Getty Images

Not so lucky today New Jersey. For us, the workaround will be a clams and spaghetti dinner. Simple ingredients and "meats" the criteria. You knew there would be at least one "dad joke" from me this week, right?

Here's a look at my go-to clams and spaghetti recipe. This time you will have to skip the chorizo though.

Spadea's Clam Sauce

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