I love clams and I love pasta. Put 'em together and you can create magic in the kitchen.

Over the Easter weekend we had a mix of young and old, vaccinated and the unvaxed. Yes, it reminds me of Dr. Seuss and the star bellied sneetches. The great thing about most of our family and friends is that they simply don't care about whether we are vaccinated or not. They are smart enough to understand that this experimental vaccine is only going to keep the person who gets the jab from getting severe symptoms. And it may only work for six months!

So for our group, nobody cares if you get it or not. That brings me to my new favorite recipe. Clams and spaghetti. For the pasta I only use protein pasta or ancient grain. Barilla makes a great protein pasta and Jovial is my go-to for ancient grain. Here's the simple recipe for a great tasting pasta sauce ideal for clams.

Spadea's Clam Sauce

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Spadea's Best Omelette Recipe

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