I love a good pub crawl. Back in the day friends and I tried having one drink at every casino in Atlantic City, and this is when there were a lot more of them. (Yes, we had a designated driver)

We only made it to 9. It was a work night.

Stealing from the pub crawl concept when my older kids were little I used to take them on playground crawls. We’d spend 10 minutes at a playground and hop in the car and go to a new one, and so on. I think our record was 8.

So how about a pizza crawl?

The 4th annual Hoboken Pizza Festival is happening Saturday, Nov. 14 from 1 to 5 p.m. Tickets are $25 and you get a half slice at any participating restaurant. So far places like Napoli’s, Tony Boloney’s and Madd Hatter are on board along with many others. This year they’re doing it as a pizza crawl. Or ‘za crawl if you prefer.

You have to wear a mask of course and can only take it off when eating or drinking, but figure you’ll be doing a LOT of eating and drinking.

Part of the proceeds benefit Party With Purpose, a non-profit that raises money for various children’s charities.

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