There is a man in New Jersey who has had the same thing for dinner every night for 30 years. According to, Mike Roman of Hackensack has had plain pizza for dinner every night since he was four; his mother gave in to his picky eating habits and he’s eaten it ever since, including on his wedding day. says that he almost always goes out for the pizza, and he likes it plain, with no toppings. For many years, he even ate pizza for lunch, although now he eats peanut butter and jelly. Roman has managed to maintain a normal weight and he says he has no health problems. He also says has watched the same tv shows and movies and listen to the same bands his whole life. I like my routines (I’ll eat the same thing for lunch for months) but having the same thing for dinner every night has to get boring. Then again, if you know what you like, why not go for it?

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