How lucky are we that they were able to free up their busy schedules to make themselves available. Wonder if Snooki gets punched out in a bar this time?  Probably not because no one cares, not even MTV who aired the original series as a spokesperson told the Asbury Park Press.

No one seems to know when this "reunion" will take place or who will air it or even more importantly who will watch it. Maybe they can rent the Governor's beach house?

It's already been rejected by Seaside Heights which is where they filmed the original back in 2009-12. According to Asbury Park City officials, they were granted permission to film on the beach and boardwalk.  So they're going back to a place they never were in the first place. Makes about as much sense as anything else connected with that show.

What could be more exciting than watching the Jersey Shore cast talking about the good old days of Jersey Shore? Rearranging your sock drawer perhaps? I have my own theory on Jersey Shore, I believe God saw one episode of Jersey Shore and sent Superstorm Sandy to wipe out all evidence. But that's just me...

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