Our latest wedding segment tackled the question of older men marrying much younger women.

Inspired by the story of a 71 year old Princeton professor marrying a former student who is 25 years old, I assumed that it's usually older men and younger women. Well, Jill Myra and several callers proved me wrong.Turns out, older women and young men are also a big thing, at least according to the stories shared today.

My podcast co-host and newlywed Jessica Gibson joined me and Producer Kristen on air for the conversation. Both Jessica and Kristen have almost an eight year gap with their respective husband and fiancé. And yes, the men are both older.

Our morning news anchor Eric Scott joined us for the end and gave us some insight into the special #SpeakingWedding podcast we recorded after the show with co-hosts Jessica and Kristen. We'll drop that one in a couple weeks. HINT: Eric is getting married for the second time and has some sage advice for the young ladies...

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