New Jersey is no stranger to Dram Shop laws. The blame-the-bartender game. Many drunk driving cases end up in civil lawsuits, assigning blame not only to the drunks but to the bar staff who served them.

There are many reasons to be against this. The death of personal responsibility among them. There are differences in tolerance levels where someone at a .04 can act sloppy compared to a daily drinker acting completely normal at a .09. These laws ask bartenders to be babysitters. These laws are setting up legal bar owners to fail in a state where we charge ungodly sums of money for a liquor license. Give us a million dollars then fear serving someone a third beer. The deck is stacked against them.

Now comes a story out of Texas that you should find hard to believe. Forget civil lawsuits. How about criminal charges? A bartender there has been arrested after allegedly serving a man drinks before he left then shot and killed 8 people. One was the man's estranged wife.

The guy came in to the bar at 2:30 in the afternoon and was served by bartender Lindsey Glass, according to an arrest affidavit CNN describes. He had two gins, it says. Then he left. Four hours later, plenty of time for those gins to have worn off if that's all he drank, he came back. The way the body processes alcohol he should have been a clean slate as far as the bartender knew. He was then served two beers and one shot, according to the affidavit.

But it seems Lindsey started noticing he wasn't acting right. According to texts she sent a coworker, he started rambling about "putting somebody in his place" and said that he had to take care of things. Then he was seen on surveillance video with a gun and a knife on his person, according to the affidavit. The coworker and Lindsey together then tried to stop the man from leaving the bar, CNN describes a police report saying. When he wouldn't stop, they both left the bar trying to locate him, it says.

They followed him to the house where the shooting had not yet taken place and Lindsey Glass herself called 911 and told police of the man's concerning behavior and where he was, according to police. The coworker drove Glass back to her job and was heading back to that house when he also flagged down a cop and told him of their concerns, police say. But while this was going on, the shooting was already taking place.

More than a year after the killings, Lindsey Glass has been criminally charged with selling alcohol to an intoxicated person. She faces a year in prison. They are blaming Lindsey Glass, a woman who tried to stop the customer from leaving, followed the customer, reported the customer to police, for what the customer did.

This man's blood alcohol level turned out to be .333. There's absolutely no doubt that he did most of his drinking elsewhere. A bartender should not logically be held accountable for drinking she knows nothing about. Again, the two drinks served four hours earlier would have no longer been in his system. And two beers and one shot would never equate to a .333 BAC. Yet here we are, blaming the bartender for the actions of a murderer.

This is pathetic. And liquor license holders across New Jersey better hope this sort of miscarriage of justice doesn't spread to the Garden State.

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