JACKSON — As the mother of three young girls, Jessica Canada said the morning of Oct. 19 started as any other but it ended with her coming home from the hospital after being saved by her 9-year-old daughter.

Canada suffered a seizure as she was brushing the girl's hair. Keira called 911 after seeing  her mom looking at the bathroom door and making unintelligible sounds. As the seizure grew, Canada fell backward in the bathroom and slid down the cabinet.

"She said, 'Mommy, are you OK?'" Canada recalled. It was at that time that she told one of her sisters to get the phone and called for help.

This was the first time in 23 years that Canada had suffered a seizure. Keira has also suffered from seizures and Canada said she showed her a video of a seizure on YouTube so she would know what they look like and what to expect.

"I didn't know I had had a seizure until I woke up in an ambulance," she said. "The fire department told me that Keira kept her sisters safe until help got there for me."

Canada said she also dislocated her shoulder and broke it in two spots and also had a concussion from the fall. When she got home later that same night, she said Keira was just glad her mommy was home.

"She just wanted to cuddle and give me kisses," Canada said.

The biggest lesson for mother and daughter is the importance of teaching kids how to call for help in an emergency situation, Canada said. On their fridge is a paper that has emergency contact information, which she said they have taught to Keira since she was 4. Now one of the younger sisters is also learning how to help.

Canada said that people in the community have heard about Keira's heroics and used it as an opportunity to teach their children the importance of knowing how to call for help. She said parents she saw at church recently told their children to "do what Keira did" if they see an emergency situation.

As for Keira, the fourth grader is now asking her parents for a cell phone as a reward.

"She said she deserves it," Canada said with a laugh.

The cell phone might still have to wait a few more years, but Canada said her oldest daughter is her hero and hopes her story can help others if they find themselves needing help, no matter how young the child is.

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