New Jersey's texting while driving ticket blitz began on Monday and that's no April Fool's joke. What it is, is it's basically a money grab that the state has invested a million dollars in over the course of this month. Why the concentration now? Isn't texting while driving something they're always supposed to be on the lookout for?

Since you can't text while driving, I thought I'd give you the chance to send a quick imaginary text to Governor Murphy. It has to be imaginary because, like you, I don't have his number. What I do have though is this post and I learned how to make it talk, so speak to me. If you were going to send a text to Governor Phil Murphy, what would you say? Here's some of the best texts my social media followers came up with:

Beth Coffey Fite - “Resign please.”

Johnny DeCarlo - "Please leave and never return"

Chris McCarter - "Regardless of the Gov, I think ppl should be ticketed...ppl have no respect for that law and take constant stupid needs to stop"

Tom Mongelli - "I'm driving as I text this . . . and later I'm going to run with scissors!?!"

Peter Szewzek - "Another money grab, eh Phil?"

Chris Hayes - "Keep pissing off everyone on nj 101.5, Phil. I so enjoy their unhappiness"

John Skinski - "Bite me"

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