If you haven't downloaded the free NJ 101.5 app, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. It can ruin your life I tell you. Consider this a cautionary tale. I was driving up to Syracuse, NY for my uncle's funeral recently. The trip took me out of New Jersey through northeast Pennsylvania then into upstate New York. I was listening to NJ 101.5 to keep me company. At some point along the way, somewhere in Pennsylvania, I finally lost the signal. I then switched to the app on my phone and continued listening the rest of the way there. I came back the same day, so when I left Syracuse I had a 4 and a half hour drive in front of me and I began listening to the app again.

Which brings me to my list of...

8 reasons you'll hate the NJ 101.5 app.

1) You'll be disoriented
On my drive back from Syracuse, NY I was listening through the app to all the great Jersey talk, news, weather, etc.. It felt like I was right in Hunterdon County back home. Then I'd remember I still had 4 hours to go! Because you can listen to NJ 101.5 wherever you are on the planet, I'm telling you'll have no sense of what time zone you're in, what hemisphere you're on, etc. You'll always feel like you're in New Jersey. You can vacation in Fiji and keep up with everything as if you never left.

2) You'll grow suspicious
Because the NJ 101.5 app is totally free, your Jersey cynicism will kick in. Nothing is free. They're even charging us for the rain that runs off our property now, remember?! How could it be free? Yet it is.

3) You'll run out of excuses
Once you download the app, you'll never be able to stop off at the bar for a quick one on your way home from work and lie to your spouse that you got stuck in traffic. With the NJ 101.5 app traffic info, you'll never need to be stuck in traffic again. Your spouse, your boss, everyone will know this. You'll have no excuse to not be where you're supposed to be when you're supposed to be there!

4) You'll develop anxiety
With great contests you can enter right through the app, you could win and win big. Such as the Jersey Cash Code contest which is back for the spring. You could win up to $5,000, and you're likely to have such anxiety mulling over various ways to spend it. Pay off a credit card? Take a vacation? Ugh, decisions! Who needs this?!

5) You'll be judged as a know-it-all
Once you have NJ 101.5 always at your fingertips on your smart phone, you'll be constantly in touch with everything happening in New Jersey. News when it breaks, videos, high school sports scores, traffic, weather, all things Jersey. Your friends will be sick of you knowing everything before they do. You've been warned.

6) You'll develop an addiction
You might develop an addiction to podcasts like Speaking with Bill Spadea or the Jim Gearhart podcast. You could find yourself binge listening!

7) You'll become more opinionated
Because with the app you're given so many ways of contacting us whether by email, Facebook, Twitter, etc., you can give us your opinion all day, every day, on everything.

8) You'll take pics and videos of everything
A snowstorm? A traffic accident? A Polar Bear Plunge? You may get hooked on capturing everything since you can easily submit your stuff to the station right through that pesky app.

I'm telling you, this thing is trouble, so don't download the free NJ 101.5 app right here, right now!

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