What America has shown us in this presidential election is that we are so fed up with politicians, we would not only accept a non-political candidate but give him a party nomination. We're just not all sold on Donald Trump.

So I asked you to name a person with no political experience who has enough power, money and charisma to bring enough people together to put him/her in the White House (extra credit if from Jersey). Here's what we came up with.

Jon Stewart: This Lawrenceville native, who's been described as "The Voice of His Generation," is not only informed on the issues but makes fun of them in a way that can get us laughing at our problems. When you can look those problems in the eye and laugh in their face, it makes solving them so much easier.  Imagine him doing the Sate Of The Union address?

Bruce Springsteen: "The Boss" definitely knows how to identify with the working man. He has definite views on the issues and would even have the endorsement of Vice President Joe Biden.

Jon Bon Jovi: He's looking to buy an NFL team. Why not move into 1600 Pensylvania Ave. instead? He takes care of those in need to the point of feeding them in his "Soul Kitchens," where they're fed in exchange for labor, which gives them their dignity, builds up bad neighborhoods and helps foster understanding of why things are the way they are. Maybe that could get him into the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

Derek Jeter: Why not? He'd have the Yankee fan vote. He's got he look and demeanor of a president, and if he ever took advantage of another country, he could give it a nice gift basket the next morning.

Uncle Floyd: Anyone who would have the endorsement of both John Lennon and David Bowie can't be all bad. Then of course there was that Richard Nixon one. Floyd would never be accused of deleting e-mails — he doesn't even have a cell phone. Floyd actually discussed the possibility on New Jersey 101.5

Mike Marino: This "Jersey Bad Boy" actually is running for president — and has a plan.

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