My partner, Judi Franco, always seems to have strange unexplained things wrong with her. To which many of us say, "only you Judi!" She swore last week that people in New Jersey have far more bizarre ailments than she does, so we asked, "WTF is wrong with you"?! Here's some of what we found.

  • Young guy under 30, shoulders hurt when he drinks beer. Nothing else, just beer.
  • 29 year old woman gets numbness in her feet (she is not overweight).
  • Woman is allergic to wireless internet. She has to use wired connection to use the internet at home.
  • 24 years old woman allergic to cold and ice after post surgical therapy on her incision.
  • A woman got numbness in her neck from leaning back to read texts. It was her new glasses causing her to cock her head back for too long! She got different glasses.
  • A middle aged woman just discovered she can't go to the movies, when she does it causes mild seizures. She was diagnosed with "Photo Sensitive Epilepsy". Thank God movies today suck, unless you're under 25.

So be thankful for whatever you've got wrong with you. It could always be worse, or a lot more strange than what you're dealing with now!

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