New Jersey ranks pretty high in the percentage of the population on Facebook, more than 52%. That's higher than California and just below New York.

Just about everyone in my family and most adults I know are frequent users. I hold the record for shortest time on Facebook, about 15 minutes. I started getting contacted immediately by people on my contact list and I hit delete so hard I nearly broke the keyboard.

I'm in a unique situation, being on the air everyday and having a fairly public profile. So I have things posted on our station's Facebook page and our website. I use it for work. If I had a business enterprise, I would use the hell out of it. But for personal use, I have no personal use for it.

I've seen some nasty disagreements amongst friends and too much division between so many people. It's too much exposure for me and I spend too much time online researching things for work to have the time. Plus I like to be outside doing things, interacting with people and, well living. It doesn't fit my lifestyle and it doesn't feel like a good fit for me.

The only social media I am on personally is LinkedIn, for professional purposes. Recently, a former Facebook executive says it's ripping our social fabric apart, and he should know. Watch that below:

How addicted are you to social media? Do you agree with Chamath Palihapitiya that it's "destroying how society works?" Let us know!

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