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Imagine disliking someone that you consider a friend and see on a regular basis. It may sound crazy, but 4 in 10 people admit to finding themselves in that very situation.

The Tab reported on a study commissioned by the Lifestyle channel that polled 2,000 people about their friendships. What did it find? Well, for starters, there are a lot of miserable friendships out there. Forty percent of those polled indicated they have at least one friend they see on a regular basis who they secretly hate. Seems like it might be time to do some soul searching. Why hang out with someone on a consistent basis if you don't prefer that person's company?

What's the reason for all the hate? Well, the reasons vary, according to the report by The Tab, but the top five reasons include:

  • Nothing in common with each other
  • Too controlling or bossy
  • Different opinions
  • Unflattering drinking behavior
  • High-maintenance attitude

Other reasons include opposite political views, use of offensive language, or their sense of humor.

Perhaps this is something you're struggling with yourself? According to a report by Bustle, there are nine signs that you too might be on the path of friendship hatred. Click on the podcast player above to hear our thoughts on this topic and to join in on the conversation.

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