What a way to kick off the week! From discussing Obama's speech at Rutgers University to a talk with Senator Ray Lesniak about  very expensive NJ road, there was definitely a lot of energy on today's show. We were even joined by 2 very special guests to discuss the frustration over the possibility of a minimum wage increase.

Obama's speech at Rutgers University

If you didn't see or hear President Obama's speech at Rutgers University don't worry you didn't miss much. While the president started out ok,talking about New Jersey and the students, it would have been fine. But once President Obama started taking subtle shots at Trump, among other things, that's when it went downhill in a hurry.  Was he speaking to the graduates or was he a surrogate for Hillary Clinton?


Senator Lesniak calls for a federal investigation for Rt 35 construction costs

We checked in this morning with Senator Ray Lesniak who is trying to put a federal investigation together into the absurd costs that are being racked up to fix parts of Route 35.

According to Senator Lesniak, people have to be held accountable and "heads have to roll for this."

Listen my full interview with Senator Lesniak below.


We were pleased to have two special guests in studio this morning.Michele Siekerka, the President of the New Jersey Business and Industry Association and Joe Olivo, the owner of the NJ business, Perfect Communications.

Michelle and Joe joined me to discuss how difficult a minimum wage hike would really be on NJ businesses. I asked Michelle directly who the minimum wage hike would affect most. "We're artificially inflating the value of that entry level position. You know who is affected? Every wager earner in the state of New Jersey is affected."

Watch more of our segment in the video clip below.

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