Gas prices have been moderating slightly, but an oil market watcher says those prices will get higher in the near future.

Tom Kloza, of The Oil Price Information Service, says a lot of factors are working toward higher prices come spring.

So why the temporary price drop right now?

"People just do not drive that much in February, and we are producing plenty of gas. I think that come March and April, you have a lot of things that are working toward shifting prices higher."

Kloza says he thinks that ultimately, national prices get to about $2.75 or thereabouts, and New Jersey is probably headed up to that $2.85 neighborhood, and maybe even the occasional $3-plus number in some places.

What about the summer? He says barring hurricanes or other unexpected problems, prices will be temperate, but  "they will be higher this summer and this driving season than last year."

Right now regular is going for an average of around $2.68-a-gallon in New Jersey.

Joe Cutter is the afternoon news anchor on New Jersey 101.5

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