It's an awfully good thing we don't name babies by committee.

As you may have read Wednesday, Meteorologist Dad Zarrow ... ahem, Dan Zarrow ... and wife Amy welcomed a new addition to their family — weighing in at 8 pounds, 15 ounces (although not quite as big as his brother Jackson, who was 10 pounds, 1 ounce at birth). And leading up to the big birthday, we gave you the chance to weigh in on the baby's name — for a chance to win four iRide Plus Passes AND $40 in iPlay America Bonus Play Cards.

We promised one prize pack to the person who came up with the best name — and one to the person who actually picked the name the Zarrows went with. And we got a LOT of suggestions.

Below are just some of those offered up by the New Jersey 101.5 audience:

Several of you went with weather-related themes (how could you not?):

• His name should be Sonny Zarrow, how appropriate is that? 🌞 — Nancy Naar
• I thought the name Rein would be a good one! — Joann Carter Kovaly
• Doppler — Eddie Cabrera (Sorry, Eddie ... that's already the dog's name)
• Storm — Joanne Fotia Kozak (We got this one, and variations like "Stormy," from quite a few folks, actually)
• Girl, Gale. Boy, Ridge — Ellen Tindall Comiski
• Wedge, Rain — Edward Herbert (A few people chipped in with variations on these)
• Girl: Audra Tempset Zarrow. Boy: Skylar Rainn Zarrow — Robert Lopez (that is SO many weather references, Robert)
• Hazen Zarrow — Jill Teresa (Jill couldn't resist the extra Z)
• Sunshine if it’s a girl — Gary Neuman

Some of you really love to rhyme:

• Arrow! Arrow Zarrow! — Donna Brath (we got this one from quite a few people as well)
• After Mia Farrow's son, Ronan Farrow Zarrow — Ellen Novak Tiene
• Harrow — Allan Gitlin

And then there were those who went a bit outside the box:

• Ellen. Works if the baby is Degenderless — John Shell
• Well, you have a Jackson ... he's on the $20 bill. How about Grant for $50? — MK Parsons
• Jim Gearhart Jr — John Shell
• Wheel 😂 — Dave Wilson (oh, we get it)
• Baby McBabyface — Nicky Ferraro (so close, Nicky)
• Snowman McSnowyface — Mark Andraos (Mark, do you and Nicky hang out?)
• Cumulus — Brad A. Stockelberg

Silvana Demers notes Zachary Zarrow would be a "ZZ," and Adam Two Zarrow would be an "A2Z" — very clever. Jeanne O'brien looked to the stars with Orion

But Lin Weisenstein takes the prize for our favorite suggestion:

Derecho! It's both a long-term severe weather event, AND it sounds cool as a name!

Yet Delmeier Robin wins the distinction of guessing the Zarrow baby name correctly — Delmeier went with Griff, which is close enough to the baby's real name, Griffin, for us!

Congrats to both! And congrats to the Zarrows!

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