With the Soprano's auction taking place, I spoke to Federico Castelluccio, who played Furio, about what he would want. What could be more Jersey than Sopranos? Here's a list of Jersey items that would improve anyone's collection. We can't count food because it would go bad, and no personal items since Bruce and Bon Jovi's guitars do not belong to New Jersey. Here are some of your answers, along with my comments.

Tim Grill: "Lucy the Elephant in my backyard" ...That would look great in a backyard, a very big backyard.

Chuck Homler: "The missing Howard Stern rest area sign that Whitman delivered as a campaign promise." ...I was doing updates on WYSP when that all went down.

Michael Beifeld: "Tillie" ...Kudo's to the souvenir shop between Asbury Park and Ocean Grove that sells Tillie merch.

Gregory Coben: "The Food Circus 'Evil Clown'"...How good would that look on your wall?

John Kensil: "Lou Costello statue"...The pride of Patterson and inspiration to Uncle Floyd

Ron Cori: "Christie's Beach Chair" ...How is anyone not marketing these and making fortune?

Kathleen Cuneo: "The big rock that used to sit on the corner of kings highway and white horse pike in mt. Ephraim" ...Oh if that rock cold talk...

Russell Bien: "A roller coaster car from Seaside's Jet Star that went in to the ocean during Sandy" ...That would be cool.

Tim Hayes: "A toll booth" ...Perfect for the Jersey driveway.

Matt Guerriero: "The Circus sign from Wall" ...With the napkin holders.

Robert Micocci: "Long Beach island lighthouse" ...Great way to track how close your friends and family are to your house.

Rick Verso: "A seat from Roosevelt Stadium" ...I played in the one in Union City, saw shows and games in Jersey City. Who remembers the Jersey City Jays?

John Riebel: "Madame Marie's booth" ...We should get her to tell the fortunes of New Jersey!

Bart Vattieri: "Tony Mart sign" ...Now I want to see "Eddie And The Cruisers."

Bob Hutson: "The diving bell from Atlantic City Pier."

Steve Wray: "The old King Kong from Wildwood 30 years ago" ...I think he's up on the lighthouse ;)

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