Some of the best hamburger places are in New Jersey starting with Hackensack's "White Manna," but if you were going to make a "Jersey Burger" that other places around the country would offer as an example of what eating in New Jersey is like, what would you put on it? Many say pork roll and eggs, others say "Taylor Ham." I would say prosciutto, roasted pepper and mozzarella. World famous chef Bobby Flay was on my show a while back and told me the secret to making a perfect burger, check it out here. Here are some other suggestions just in time for grilling season that I got from my social media followers:

Hershel Horn - "Lettuce, tomato. Onion with a tax bill pinned to the bun."

Carolyn Dee - "Bacon, cheese, ketchup and onion rings"

Chris McKelvey - "Kaiser roll from, Smithville Bakery in Historic Smithville, NJ - The Village Greene, burger patty, a slice of Pork Roll, slice of jersey tomato, slice of American cheese & a dollop of barbecue sauce. Sub the Barbecue sauce for pesto sauce if desired."

John Kensil - "Curly fries"

Linda Vadon - "Pork roll cheddar and fried onion. 'Jersey garbage can'"

Russ Del Core - "Portobello mushroom with Jersey tomato, arugula and a fried egg."

Keith Vena - "Bacon, Pork Roll, Cheese Onion Pickle & Mayonnaise"

Bob DiSogra - "A burger tax"

Gino Formaroli - "How about a burger topped with Sausage Peppers and onions along with a great Pizza Sauce and Fresh it the 'Jersey Tomato Pie' Burger"

Brett S. Harrison - "Ground Vinnie."

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