New Jersey has its own special feel to it in the summertime. And it’s probably a combination of all the things that make us unique, like our interesting personalities, and of course our miles and miles of beautiful Shoreline. That’s a combination that can make summer feel different here than anywhere else in the country. Since it’s been so warm and beautiful out we wanted to ask our listeners if it really feels like summer out there. Because we know it’s more than just the temperature! there are certain signs of summer that let you know it’s not just hot out... summer is actually here!

So fill in the blank: it isn’t really summer in New Jersey until ___________. Here are the answers you gave.

It isn’t really summer in Jersey until:

  • “I’m having a drink in my neighbor's pool.”
  • “I see lightning bugs at dusk.”
  • “I’m eating a Jersey tomato sandwich.”
  • “I’m getting mosquito bites.”
  • “I’ve got the tiki torches lit.”
  • “Lighthouse Italian Ices is open.”
  • “I live in a beach town and there are no parking spots at the beach.”
  • “I’m having barbecue.”
  • “The brand new boat owners are hysterically trying to launch their boats for the first time.”
  • “The Stone Pony’s outdoor stage is open.”
  • “The boat ramps are backed up.”
  • “My neighbor has finally taken his Christmas lights down.”

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