They say it's better to give than to receive and there can be no better gift to give than the gift of life. Yet I was still shocked to hear Melissa Kohlman thank us one year after donating her kidney to my oldest friend, North Hudson Fire Captain Robbo Pisani.

"I'd like to thank you for having Rob on so I can have the opportunity to do that," Kohlman said when she came on my show last night.

That's right she's thanking us! This wonderful woman, who's been married for almost 21 years, has two beautiful daughters and works as a secretary of the Math and Computer Science Department at Seton Hall University, says not only is she feeling great but sometimes actually has to be reminded that she did it.

"People hace to remind me sometimes," Kohlman said. "Because I'll be like 'what are you talking about?' They're like, 'you donated your kidney.' And I'm like, 'oh yeah yeah yeah yeah...totally forgot.'"

Melissa's donation changed Pisani's life in so many ways.

"As of today, I feel great physically," Pisani said to me in a text. "I have since have gotten remarried to my high school sweetheart and found what it is to be truly in love. I take my 15 pill cocktails in the morning and at night. St. Barnabas transplant team are outstanding with their follow up care, I've since had dinner together with my donor, Melissa."

Despite getting Melissa's kidney, Pisani says there are still issues to deal with.

"My hemoglobin remains high so I'm scheduled to see a hematologist this month to try and find the cause of my issue."

As for Pisani's thoughts on donating an organ.

"I fully support people that are willing to donate organs but why wait until you are no longer living? As a kidney donor, you are not on the regiment of pills that the recipient is on and you are saving someone's life. Dialysis only keeps you alive but is not the answer to the problem. Donation is the answer."

And to Melissa's "Thank you," I say, "No Thank YOU!!"

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