Seems that no matter how long ago the attacks on 9/11 were, it still invokes an emotional reaction. Whether you were there or know someone who was impacted or even if you were born after and have only read about it, as Americans it is a part of our national emotion.

One thing that comes from tragedy and adversity is that people are tested under harsh conditions and true heroes are exposed. One hero is Don Pritchard.

He's a former United States Marine who served our nation in the first Gulf War. He was a first responder in lower Manhattan on the morning of September 11th. His story about seeing the second plane hit as he was entering the South Tower and the chaos that ensued was gripping and emotional.

He recalls being underneath at the base of the tower as the fireball exploded from the building.

Don's takeaway was all about how average people, just getting to work on a Tuesday morning, turned into heroes helping countless people escape the chaotic and dangerous scene. He stayed at the scene moving people away from the building ultimately saving lives as the Tower collapsed less than an hour after impact.

Now he needs your help. He's in the end stages of renal failure and needs a kidney.

Listen to his story above. One caller, Kidney matchmaker Chaya Lipschutz, spoke about the ease of the operation to donate. Some say it's not as bad as dental surgery.

Please click on the link included in the story I ran on Chasing News if you can help this Marine who has given so much to so many people.

Semper Fi.

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