On Dec 26, 2017 with my cousin Rich in studio, we asked, "Would you ever donate an organ or have you ever received one?" Rich needed a kidney after spending 7 night a week on home dialysis. We asked that same question again in June when my oldest friend North Hudson Fire Captain Rob Pisani needed a kidney and was also spending 7 nights a week on home dialysis.

Rich received his kidney from an old friend Ashley Warger, who heard him on the radio and Rob received his from Melissa Kohlman, who happened to be listening to the show. As if that's not great enough, last week our morning traffic expert Bob Williams received a kidney from his donor Kim Roumes. All three recipients are doing fine.

Talk about your happy endings! But the story does not end there. It turns out this is a record breaking year for organ donation in New Jersey. More and more people are getting the organs they need to get their lives back thanks to the generous people of New Jersey who are giving the ultimate gift.

A few weeks ago I reached out to a television producer about doing a story on this and was told, "a lot of people get transplants, so it's not news worthy." That is a major step up and here's hoping the trend continues!

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