• Before we get into it, think about this. What's the most valuable item you've ever found? Was it a large sum of money?
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This is something you don't hear about every day. A couple that was magnet fishing in Queens ended up catching a safe that happened to contain a big payday.

Inside the safe were clusters of $100 bills amounting to $100,000. Can you imagine catching that kind of dough while fishing?

Rather than keep the money, the couple that fished out the safe contacted the authorities just to be safe. With a find like that, you never know if it's connected to shady activity.

Fortunately for the couple, that was not the case. "The couple said the NYPD told them they could not connect the safe to a crime because the money was in poor condition and there was no ID or hints of who the item belonged to originally," according to ABC 7 New York.

As a result, the couple was allowed to keep the money. Quite the payday indeed.

Catching money while fishing

Not so fast

However, they still need to travel to Washington D.C. to verify the bills. Since the money was in such poor condition, they couldn't just bring it to any bank.

Regardless, the couple still made out big. And since that happened in waterways that connect to New Jersey, who's to say we couldn't be next?

With so much junk in our waterways, there's a good possibility of something valuable just waiting to be fished out by anyone who has the patience here in The Garden State.

New Jersey / Money

NJ on a hot streak?

If anyone in New Jersey wanted to pick up the habit of magnet fishing, that time would be now. Especially since we just had another Powerball winner from The Garden State, who knows how much longer our luck will last?

Now yes, we can argue that most of the junk that ends up in our rivers and streams isn't from around here. And to some degree, that might be true.

Especially in the Hudson or Delaware Rivers that begin much further north from where New Jersey's border actually is. But even with the weight of larger objects such as a safe, those powerful currents can move things down our way with ease.


Treasures in NJ waters

Again, don't dismiss the fact that this happened in New York City (well, Queens) as irrelevant to New Jersey. The fact is, many valuable items move with the currents our way making them prime to scoop up by someone who's willing to go out and look for them.

Yes, a safe full of money is probably unlikely, but you never know. Items such as jewelry are certainly much more likely.

But for anyone who's been thinking of picking up magnet fishing as a hobby, this might be all the inspiration you need to actually get started.

Money / Rich / Gold Piggy Bank

Lucky payday?

Pivoting back to the lottery and Powerball win for a moment (since let's face it - that's what we really want), did you know there are certain numbers that for whatever reason pop up more than others?

Who knows? Maybe playing those numbers will win you enough money to get the most powerful magnet rod on the market.

Here are the Luckiest Lottery Numbers Ever:

Will they be lucky for you? You can't know unless you play.

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