Whenever I come in to work and Bill Spadea, Jessica Nutt and Jay Black are recording the "Speaking Millennial" podcast, Jay's 10-year-old son Keane is usually outside the studio, quietly playing on his computer.

He's really a very funny kid whom I didn't realize suffers from apraxia which is a motor speech disorder that gives him problems saying sounds, syllables or words. Despite that, he has a beautiful voice which was put on stage last Saturday at Catch A Rising Star when Jay and I did a comedy show together. Guess who stole the show?

Now this did not come easy for Keane. He didn't talk until he was 4 years old and was taught how to speak these last six years by Rizza Miro. Jay joked on stage that he and his wife "spent $50,000 in five years to get him to talk" and now they'd spent $100,000 to get him to be quiet.

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