I have written and talked plenty about the differences between the northern half of our state and South Jersey. They really are two separate states, geographically, culturally and otherwise. One's not better or worse, just completely different! Here are some things a South Jersey resident just can't relate to.

  • WHAT EXIT? What what? Most of us from South Jersey don't live near an "exit". We don't know what that means. The parkway runs along the shore towns and that's what we take to get to our favorite barrier island beach but we don't identify with it. And the Turnpike has a few scattered exits heading north or south by us, and we use it to go long distances out of state, otherwise we use 295, so the question doesn't make sense to us.
  • TAYLOR HAM OR PORK ROLL? Again, what? We've heard of and enjoy pork roll as of the last few years, but there was never any debate we were aware of. In fact many of us would eat scrapple instead. It's a Philly thing.
  • THE DEVILS ARE OUR HOCKEY TEAM. No, they are not. It's some North Jersey invention of a team that plays at least an hour and a half away from us and there is no media coverage of them in our area. Hockey fans here root for the Flyers.
  • SEASIDE OR BELMAR? Huh? Those are shore towns? The shore ends at the tip of LBI. Anything north of that is uncharted territory and why would I go there? No one we know has ever been there. (I have, but it's because I work at NJ101.5)
  • WHERE'S YOUR FAVORITE PLACE FOR AN ITALIAN HOT DOG? South Jerseans have never heard of such a thing, unless you live in Toms River (not South Jersey btw) and have roots up north.
  • DID YOU GO INTO THE CITY TO SEE THE TREE? What city and what tree? Most people in South Jersey consider "the city" Philadelphia and there are lots of trees there, but what tree are you talking about?
  • GIANTS OR JETS? YANKEES OR METS? Uh, none of the above. ALL sports allegiances are with Philadelphia sports teams.
  • HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE YOU TO GET TO NEWARK AIRPORT? Too long, which is why we never fly out of there unless there is some sort of natural disaster. We fly out of Philly or AC.
  • ORDER US SOME SUBS! What are we in the Navy? You mean a hoagie. Sure, let's order some hoagies!
  • DIDN'T YOU LOVE THE TV SHOW 'JERSEY SHORE'? No, it was embarrassing and we didn't recognize ANYTHING from that show. The people, the places, the attitude....NOTHING!

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