I know you probably thought everything that needed to be said about "Beachgate" has already been said. But there's one thing that you probably haven't even realized.

Had Christie had time and on his now infamous Island Beach State Park beach day to prepare himself for his surprise photo shoot, you know how many things he would have changed?

He claims he doesn't care about "optics", but I have a feeling he would've staged things a little differently if he had to do it all over again. I mean, it was a pretty uncomfortable looking photo and I think it really would've been better had he been prepared.

Here is a list of the things that Christie would have changed had the photo not been so "spontaneous".

1. He could've had a real book in his hand, as opposed to the photo-shopped Brad Thor novel that the author tweeted. It would've made him look more intellectual (Not that he cares about optics)

2. He probably would have worn a looser fitting pair of shorts (if such a pair of shorts exists). That way, we wouldn't have been able to see excess flab bulge (Not that he cares about optics)

3. Ditto for the T-shirt. (But, you know, he doesn't really care about optics)

4. Perhaps he could've been holding a copy of the unfinished state budget agreement. At least it would have appeared that he really cared (But optics don't matter to THIS GUY!)

5. Christie would have been wise to sit under an umbrella. So that he when he showed up later for press briefings he would've been less tan, thus not appearing to have had such a good time (Though he's not really an optics guy)

6. Perhaps he should have opted for a stronger, sturdier beach chair. You know, the steel girded or otherwise reinforced type. The one he is pictured in looks a little fragile. Not to mention not gubernatorial (But, ya know--optics)

7. A larger-billed, more well-fitting baseball cap would've been more appropriate, too. This one makes his head appear about to burst under the darn thing! (But optics be damned!)

8. It looks like chivalry is dead in the Christie household. He gets the big beach chair, and Mary Pat flanks him on a lowly inferior sand chair (Who gives a crap about optics? Not Christie!)

9. Couldn't he have brought more people with him to fill up the empty spots? Just to make the beach look less "closed" to the rest of us? (F--- the optics, though!)

10. The flip-flops. I'm gonna leave that right there.

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