I had no idea until I read Big Joe Henry's post that Newark was the top BBQ city in the northeast. I always knew we had great BBQ in New Jersey but I always figured there were other states more known for it.

Being a huge fan of the BBQ meats, especially ribs and brisket, and hearing my producer Sam Doyle and Eric Potts filling in for me asking where the best BBQ places were in New Jersey on Monday, May 17, it was making me crave BBQ. So when I got home to my keyword I had to ask my social media where the great BBQ places are in New Jersey. The good news? If you love BBQ, you're not that far away from one.

Check these out;

10 great BBQ places in New Jersey

Trev is a huge fan of BBQ. He heard his producer Sam Doyle and Eric Potts talking about BBQ when they filled in for him and the fact that BBQ season is now here, who isn't craving it right now? So Steve Trevelise asked his Facebook following for the best BBQ places in NJ, here are 10 of best places they came up with.

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