On the trail every day spreading the message of "common sense" solutions to New Jersey's problems is exciting, rewarding, and eye-opening.

One of the intended results of the tour that has me and my wife Jodi on the road most days with three to five stops is the discovery of some of New Jersey's greatest small businesses and FOOD.

This week, was no different as we made our way through Morris, Ocean, and Monmouth counties on a dreary Thursday afternoon. One of our five stops on Thursday was at a great new BBQ place called "Mostly Smoked".

Owner Rob invited us in to meet the staff and customers. The smoker stole the show. The meats slowly turning as the wood burned to create the perfect crust on the outside and tender, juicy meat on the inside.

Mostly Smoked BBQ (Bill Spadea - TSM)
Mostly Smoked BBQ (Bill Spadea - TSM)

Wings, ribs, brisket, pulled pork., Wow, wow, wow.

As you know, I don't eat on the road - especially with so many events in rapid succession but was more than happy to eat when we eventually got home around 9 pm.

Let me just say, the mac and cheese was delicious cold and the ribs were cooked to absolute perfection. This is a BBQ place that will absolutely keep us coming back.

Mostly Smoked BBQ (Bill Spadea - TSM)
Mostly Smoked BBQ (Bill Spadea - TSM)

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