In a move I’m sure most parents are unaware of, the Department of Education just launched a new mandate for middle school health curriculum. All students will now be taught about anal sex.

How woke and inclusive!

We’re not talking a brief mention of how diseases can be transmitted through this form of sex. That is already required. No, we’re talking full, in depth discussions of anal sex. Why? I’m told by educators it’s to be sensitive to the LGBT community. Now clearly people outside of that community also have anal sex but apparently this is the reasoning behind the mandate.

Beginning in the upcoming 2020/2021 school year teachers will have to clearly define vaginal, oral and anal sex and be in-depth about it.

Why is this important?

According to Phil Murphy’s Department of Education, “All students will acquire the knowledge and skills of what is most essential to become individuals who possess health and physical literacy and pursue a life of wellness by developing the habits necessary to live healthy, productive lives that positively impact their families, schools, and communities. Successful preparation of students for the opportunities, rigors, and advances of the 21st Century cannot be accomplished without a strong and sustained emphasis on the health and wellness of all students.”

Apparent you can’t live a healthy, productive life without having an in-depth conversation about anal sex with your 8th grade health teacher.

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