Once upon a time lived a great warrior. Okay that time is actually right now, and he’s 12 years old and his name is Jacob. He loves his Philadelphia Eagles, Flyers, Sixers and Phillies. Yes, he's a South Jersey guy. He's interested in politics. He loves playing flag football. He also happens to have autism.

He was diagnosed at 3 years old and has been a great warrior ever since, battling through what he needed to learn to be successful in life albeit through a different way of learning. He's had the help of wonderful therapists and teachers along the way. He’s also had to battle misinformation. As the father of my own young warrior with autism I am so proud of a video project this young man has created. He is bothered by the belief of many anti-vaxxers that vaccines cause autism and he’s doing something about it. Not only is he worried about other children dying from horrible things like complications to measles or being crippled by polio, he’s also offended that anti-vaxxers seem to think autism is somehow worse than these things. It’s not, and Jacob made this video to let you know.

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