I love a creative business name. When I lived in Michigan I used to pass a small hair salon every day that was named Hello, Gorgeous. Which I thought was ingenious considering each time they answered a customer's phone call the customer would be greeted by, "Hello, Gorgeous!" Then there was the famous hair salon in the movie Runaway Bride called Curl Up & Dye. When I was a kid my dad used to take us for haircuts at a place called Bus Stop Barber Shop, because it was a barber shop located right at the busiest bus stop in town.

But there are far better ones. Some that even make you laugh. I'm new to the Flemington area and I keep seeing trucks for a local septic company and the name really caught my eye and made me laugh out loud. I finally got in a safe enough position to take a quick photo of one of these trucks. Check out the awesome name they picked.

Crafty name by a NJ septic company
Photo by Jeff Deminski / Townsquare Media

Yep, Stinky's. Stinky's septic. How do you possibly ever forget a name like this? I thought it was inspired.

A creative business name can make a company. Our own Joe Votruba thought of a bar concept with a terrific name. It would be a bar that served only small plates, appetizers, miniature drinks, shots, no bar burgers but little sliders instead, that sort of thing. And the servers would all be little people. And the name of his place? The Mini Bar. I could see this being huge in a college town like New Brunswick.

If you've heard of a creative business name here in the great Garden State please share it with the class in the comment section below.

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