did something interesting. They wanted to find out who the favorite TV dad was in all 50 states. Since we're not New York, not Philadelphia, all we really cared about was who they said the best TV dad was in New Jersey.

You're not going to buy it.

First, the way they did it was to compile a list of famous TV dads through using IMDB, then they put each into Google Trends to see the top-ranking states in terms of searches over the past 12 months.

Are you ready for this nonsense? According to this malarkey, New Jersey's favorite TV dad is Joe West from The Flash. Who??? Now my 14-year-old watches this show. Maybe it's more popular than I think? But come on! The favorite TV dad has to be someone extraordinary, such as Jack Pearson from This Is Us which happens to be Pennsylvania and New York's fav. Or someone legendary like Mike Brady from The Brady Bunch which is North Dakota's favorite dad.

We weren't the only state to have The Flash's Joe West as our favorite dad. We share the sentiment with Kansas and Hawaii. Still, I'm not buying it.

I would think New Jersey needs a dad like Jack Pearson especially since we found out his son Randall lives in Alpine, so it's Jersey based. Too wholesome? Okay what about Tony Soprano as a favorite dad. He was all about (cough, cough) family, after all.

See the whole list of all fifty state's favorite dads here.

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