This month the New Jersey Supreme Court ruled that you can have a license plate frame on a vehicle. It just can't block out all of the words "New Jersey" or "Garden State."

You may see this as good news for keeping the cops off your back, but many times police officers give this ticket as a break.

Instead of writing you up for weaving in and out of traffic or speeding, many officers would give this ticket as a lesser penalty, so as to not cost you a lot of money in fines or insurance surcharges. You can view it as a victory or losing an option for a cop to give you a break on the road. Your call.

During the early days of the pandemic when there were very few cars or cops on the road, I saw homemade license plates on the highway. No kidding, HOMEMADE plates.

The driver was from Pennsylvania. I could tell because they made the PA in very large letters. Nobody was getting stopped for anything.

Earlier this month, just after the Supreme Court decision that allows partially obscured license plates, I saw this woman driving in her convertible. We have no idea what state she is from because the entire license plate area was covered with a "Just Married" sign.

Dennis Malloy photo
Dennis Malloy photo

The strange thing was that she was alone, and it looked like she was curling her hair with the top down. You do you girl!

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