First of all, it's pronounced [brus 'ket.ta]. Italians, I found out, hate when you call it [bru-shetta] It may look like it's pronounced that way to us, but it's not. Although I do feel pretentious or wrong if I pronounce it properly to my fellow Americans. Regardless (not Irregardless), it is a lot more versatile than just sticking it on toast. And the stuff you buy in the supermarket, either jarred or store made, pales in comparison to what you can make in a few minutes. I put it on top of pasta dishes with pesto or on grilled chicken, hot or room temperature. It adds so much flavor and a unique twist to whatever you top with it. I found this particular use at the central market in Florence Italy a few years back, and upped the ante a little bit. They used fresh mozzarella. Delicious. How about with burrata? Why not!

How to make fresh bruschetta

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